hello there.

Hello! My name is Victoria Dileo. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As this is my first post I thought it would be nice to introduce myself.

I have a huge love for fashion, beauty and design. Right now I am in college studying graphic design and fashion marketing. I’m working as a community manager, content creator and graphic designer for a national make up brand here in Argentina as i’m a professional make up artist myself.

My aim for this platform is to build a two way conversation community that can grow more and more everyday. Sharing my experiences on foreign countries, give my tips and tricks on make up and contribute to your creativity from a designer point of view are some of the many topics that this blog will be dedicated to and I hope you follow every step of the way!

The purpose of this blog, as well as all of my actual active social platforms, is to communicate all of my passions with you and get to know each other better with every post. Basically there’s gonna be a lot of fashion, beauty and paris (I’m a little Paris obsess).

What is are your passions? What type of things inspires you? Don’t doubt to comment down below!