summer beach looks.

Going to the beach is something that can take either a lot of time or no time at all. I’m a 10 minute getting ready to beach kind of girl, but that’s because I have almost everything prep to go before hand. My bag is always on point because literally right when I come back from the beach I reorganize it and leave it good to go.

My Punta del Este essentials bag

SPF, hat, sunglasses, hair detangler & brush, lip balm, cool scarf, nice kimono or denim jacket, good reading material and amazing people to keep you company and have fun!

So if your stuff is already organized the tricky part is get the perfect outfit together. Sometimes you are feeling rock vibes, sometimes you fancy bohemian vibes or sometimes you just want a little of glam on your beach look.

Just like your usual wardrobe, the optimal summer closet is the combination of perfect simple must-have pieces with some more trendy fashionable clothes that keep changing every year.

Swimsuits always play a big role, you are a lot of time on them so having really comfy but stylish ones are the first key to unlock the perfect summer look. The second key is the actual outfit, for me is always about flowy dresses with good quality denim jackets or if I’m in the mood pretty denim shorts with embroidered blouses. The last but definitely not least key step is shoes, I tend to go for sliders. I usually have various styles, really classic plain leather or plastic ones and more on edge sliders with pearls or synthetic fur which are still a huge trend this summer.

You’re all set. See you on the ocean! Tell me all about your go to beach look down below!