is everything we do really enough?

Clearly every human is different in their own special way, that’s what makes each and everyone of us unique people walking on this planet we call home. But the differences between us have a great extend, sometimes much further than what others expect it to be. In your job no matter if you work for yourself, for family or for a big company finishing the tasks and full filling your bosses or your own expectations is very hard work and sometimes quite a stressful one too. 

Here is when my core question comes around, is everything we do really enough? Well, the answer is yes and no. Complicated i know, but we as humans are complicated machines who not only do stuff for personal and professional reasons but we also usually involve emotions on all of it. The idea of delivering enough is a very subjective and complex concept. For example, some people do just what they are required to do and they are absolutely fine with it but for others sometimes doing what they are asked for isn’t really enough. They work harder than maybe others not just to help the business grow but to help themselves bloom with new ideas and skills. 5This brings me to the next point. I’ve recently heard an episode of Second Life, a podcast show where the main guest was Jen Atkin, the amazing celebrity hair styler and founder of OUAI. She said:

“I concentrate on working smarter, not harder” Jen Atkin founder of OUAI. 

That quote kept me thinking all of this last week and basically inspired this post because i really do believe that this concept can help us go beyond our limits. Since i was little my parents both teached me to work hard for what i want which is very good advise but this new working mentality mixes determination and perseverance with intelligence and creativity. From my personal point of view the secret is that you create your own enough level. You have the power to do just enough or to do better than enough, but that’s always based around other’s persons enough measurement who may have more years and experience than you so their extend of enough can overwhelmed you but never break you.


You just have to acknowledge what you are required to do and try to take it beyond by being a smart worker giving everything you’ve got. Apply your knowledge and get some new skills along the way. Ciao Victoria

Also knowing ourselves and when to stop or take some time is one of the most important things to keep in mind specially if we have a lot going on. Self love is what makes us feel good and so in consequence be great in all of that we do. Enough is a very limiting word but we are here to break some limits and take things to the next level, by being a smart creative people who aren’t afraid to do more than enough!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and can’t wait to keep going with the deep conversations. See you soon! xx