my recipe for perfect avocado toast.


Avocado and toast really haven’t made sense together until a few years ago when the dish made a huge boom everywhere. Fast forward to today, it has became a can’t live without dish in every single restaurant.

However, this amazing mix has been around for quite a few years. It wasn’t a thing on the menus of the world until the owner of a restaurant/dinner in Australia putted on the map. There’s a really interesting article on the Taste Cooking website called Who Really Invented Avocado Toast?, which really enlighten me about the actual history of avocados and how they later began their toast journey. So after this little historical ramble, here i have what for me is the most amazing way to do your avocado toast.


  • 2 toast (bran bread is my favorite one)
  • 1 avocado
  • Cream Cheese
  • Olive Oil
  • Seed Mix ( I tend to have pumpkin, chia and flax seeds on mine)


1. Prep your plate and add a few drops of olive oil

2. Toast your bread

3. Put the Cream Cheese on the toast and lay them on the plate so they star to absorb the olive oil (this gives the bread THE best taste ever)

4. Cut the avocado on a separate plate however you like (i don’t like it squash so I cut it horizontally in slices)

5. Put the avocados on the toast

6. Add a little bit more of olive oil to the top of the toast

7. Sprinkle the seeds on the toast

8. And DONE! You have my perfect version of the avocado toast.

Sometimes the decisions to make are personal in terms that you may like your avocado smashed instead of sliced or that you prefer white bread instead of bran bread, but the outcome would be perfect for you and that’s what matters. Down here I leave you a little video I made with the step by step!

Let me know if you try this at home and tell me how it turned out down below. Hope you enjoy the recipe!